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RAS - Advantages

Why RAS?


Recirculating aquaculture is a technique based on the use of filters and tanks. RAS has many advantages.

With RAS, same water can be cleaned and used again and again. It allows full control. The system can be designed for different fish species such as tilapia, pike-perch, salmon etc. It provides easy monitoring of fish health. So, it is high efficiency.

Our systems are designed for easy production. We can offer training from start to success. With our system, you can control everything even fish count and fish sizes. Production of fish is very simple!
Recirculating Aquaculture System is future of the fish production.

High Profitability

The reason Recirculating Aquaculture System profitable is, enabling big amount of fish producing with rather in a short time of period. We might add that Recirculating Aquaculture System is continuous with the same - or even higher production capacity,where the market need is satisfied.

  • Big amount of fish producing
  • High sales quantity
  • Low costs
  • High profitability

Full Control

With RAS, all necessary values ​​for fish health can be controlled. In this way producing of fish is stable and predictable. The system is isolated from environmental and climate-related factors.

  • Healthy fish
  • 100% fish escape

Optimal Locations

Recirculating aquaculture system can be established everywhere. It doesn't need water source like sea, lake or river. It can use ground water.

  • Optimal production locations
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Minimum water requirement



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